Spanvall Poultry Bedding

Specialmix-520x800 (1)Spanvall Poultry Bedding is mainly used for cattle, horses and poultry.


Spanvall Poultry Bedding is a mixture of sawdust and peat. the size of the particles has a unique composition and the product has been sieved several times in order to obtain an optimum absorbtion ability. The combination between peat and sawdust has resulted in an extremely absorbent bedding, absorbing its weight many times in moisture (urine) and unsurpassed in its ability to absorb odors (ammonia).


  • ­Low price per kg. compared with for instance cut straw
  • ­highly absorbent
  • ­approved as ecological bedding
  • ­Low Ph value – less bacteria growth
  • Extremely soft and comfortable
  • Dust-free
  • eduction of dunghill
  • ­Economical in use



  • Clean the box.
  • Horses: When starting up, a mattress of approx. 15-20 cm is made.
  • to ensure a hygienic bed, droppings should removed daily using a shavings fork.
  • using a shovel, remove wet patches and move the drier top layer to the banks of the bed.
  • More Spanvall Poultry Bedding should be added when necessary to maintain a suitable depth of roughly 15-20 cm – this is usually once a week.
  • Cattle: approx. 350-400 gr. per cow per day of Spanvall Poultry Bedding should be suffi cient.
  • Poultry as required.