Our purpose is to add
value to animal welfare
and sustainability in the
world of farming by adding knowledge, high level products and economy into the market of bedding

World Class Animal Bedding

Spanvall is a global company with world-class standards due to our years of experience, expertise, aspirations, and exceptional entrepreneurship in the bedding market.

We are known for manufacturing high quality animal bedding, suitable for all types of animal husbandry and livestock, such as broilers, horses, pigs and cattle.

Every day we supply animal bedding to our loyal customers worldwide, which include distributors, private customers, riding schools, stud farms, large-scale cattle and pig farmers, slaughterhouses, and chicken farms.

Spanvall is a family-owned company of second generation, and we are proud to be specialized in broiler bedding with our well-known patented product Spanvall Broiler Bedding – a mixture of wood shavings and plant fibre.

Being in the bedding industry for more than 53 years, we take great pride in sharing our expertise in profitable farming and being as flexible as possible to meet our customer’s demand. Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with a wide range of delivery options, such as trailer, truck, container, ship, etc.

100% CO2 Neutral by 2030

Read more about our efforts for combating climate change, improving animal welfare and planting trees for change.