Horse stall bedding wood shavings

Blue Spanvall


Historically, the coarse horse stall bedding originate from Sweden, where the coarsest and best wood shavings for horses have always been used as bedding for horse stalls. Manufactured from the best quality softwood which have been heat-treated. Their coarse structure makes the shavings particularly well-suited for horses, as the shavings are free of pointy objects which may be trapped in and irritate the sulcus and the high absorbent horse bedding lessen the risk of sulcus thrush.

Coarse shavings are the equestrian’s absolute first choice in bedding. At Spanvall, we call our coarse shavings Blue Spanvall, and these shavings are widely used, including as deep bedding for cattle. However, they are especially well-suited for horses and poultry. Using coarse wood chip shavings gives you an airier and, thus, bouncier base for your horses, contrary to more fine sawdust horse bedding. When applying Spanvall shavings, you create and discover a brighter and more welcoming stable bed environment, and the stall will look nice.

With its longer durability, it is a great alternative to cheap horse bedding, in pine and other materials. Our customers are often impressed when comparing it with other materials for sale from other suppliers, as it is more cost-effective in the long term. All our products can be delivered in bulk buy bales, with orders of practically unlimited size.

Application of Blue Spanvall

Clean the stall and, on first use in a standard, approximately 12m2 stall, distribute three to six bales evenly in each stall. Remove horse droppings on a daily basis and wet stains as required and, in the case of horse stalls, supplement the bedding with approximately one bale per stall per week.


  • High absorbency
  • Dust-free
  • Less dung heap
  • Bright and soft surface layer
  • Cost-effective

Technical Specifications

23 kg +/- 10 percent

21 bales per pallet

Coarse Structure


Spanvall ELITE Bedding


Spanvall Elite Bedding is of extremely high absorbency and goes a long way. It is therefore the cheapest alternative to straw and is very easy to work with. Spanvall Elite Bedding is a mix of wood shavings and peat. The particle size is uniquely compounded and sifted multiple times to achieve optimum absorbency. The product provides you with the best from both the peat and the shavings.

Application of Elite Bedding

On first use in a standard, approximately 12m2 stall, distribute six to eight bales evenly in each stall. Remove horse droppings on a daily basis and wet stains as required and supplement. Maintenance: When used for horses, approximately one bale per stall per week.


  • 100 percent dust-free
  • Low price per kg compared to e.g. cut straw
  • Very high absorbency
  • Very good and gentle to the horse’s hooves
  • No thrush, but very healthy hooves
  • Approved as organic bedding
  • Super-easy handling
  • Time-saving in the daily care for stalls
  • Minimal dung heap
  • Bright and welcoming bedding
  • High humous content when used to fertilise gardens or fields
  • The unique composition and intended moisture content ensures optimum uniformity and high absorbency immediately on the bedding product being distributed in the stalls.

Technical Specifications

22 kg +/- 10 percent

27 bales per pallet

Shavings mixed with peat

Spanvall Plant Fibre

About Spanvall Plant Fibre

Plant fibre has a very high absorbency and goes a long way. The low pH-value of the peat is gentle on the hooves of the horse and, thus, reduces the occurrence of sulcus thrush while also fixing the smell of ammonia. This provides an improved stable climate without dust and odour nuisances. The horse stands on a dry, stable, and springy base. Plant fibre may be combined with all other types of bedding – as the base of a straw-covered stall or topping a base of wooden pellets or shavings – as this provides the stall with a lighter and brighter look. The peat bedding also works well as a deep bedding for cattle, as it forms a firm, springy and heat-insulating base.

How to use Plant Fibre

Clean the stall

On first use in a standard, approximately 12m2 stall, distribute seven to nine bales evenly in each stall. Aerate for easier handling and water if very dry.

Remove horse droppings on a daily basis and wet stains as required. Maintenance: Approximately one bale per stall per week. Note that the base bedding may be left for six to twelve months.


  • High absorbency, up to ten times its own weight at 35 percent humidity
  • Firm, springy and heat-insulating base
  • Gentle on the horse’s hooves
  • Fixes ammonia
  • Minimal consumption, as the peat does not often need replacing
  • Less requirement for additional treatment and less space required for storage and dung heap
  • Quickly composted into valuable garden compost
  • Good stable climate for animals and people
  • Good for horses suffering from allergies

Technical specifications

35 kg +/- 10 percent

18 bales per pallet

100 percent unmixed peat